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WE Scar-H GBBR – Just Cause Airsoft

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WE’s gas system has become the best gas system out there in JCA’s opinion. All of our staff own the new WE Generation rifles and we love them!

With a full metal and polymer design, the SCAR H feels very solid and robust; a fairly common factor on gas weapons, as their bodies are built to contain actual mechanical forces and, unlike AEGs, are not just a case to hold a gearbox. Besides the realistic action and real cap magazine, it also field strips just like the real thing. 

The open bolt in this rifle makes it fairly realistic but, more notably, the WE technology kicks hard and loud. With an inner barrel that runs almost to the tip of the outer barrel, running Green / Propane gas through the normal WE AR magazines that this runs on allows it to launch 0.2g 6mm BBs at around 330FPS (depending on ambient temperature) which makes the rifle a nice choice for short range and indoor use. It also cycles pretty damn fast too.

The advanced design of the SCAR H gives it ambidextrous controls such as the mag release and fire selector and a charging handle that can be moved to either side with ease. 

This modern style has the newer design stock with multi-position adjustable length and ability to fold down to the right side; additionally, the cheek rest is adjustable to either a flat or raised position. The front end has four  rails adding plenty of potential to attach multiple accessories. 

WEs open bolt rifles are of a quality thats on par with all higher end brands with performance that’s comparable too them and a price tag on par with upper-mid end brands.


MK-H GBBR BK Item Weight (gram): 3420g

Length: 873mm / 933mm (extended – 6 Position Stock)

Barrel Length: ~350mm Inner Barrel Length: ~335mm

Hop-up Adjustable: Yes

Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds

Calibre: 6mm

Power Source: HFC134a & HFC22 Gas or Green Gas

Muzzle Velocity ~ gGas dependant

Color: BLACK or TAN

Material: Nylon Fiber Polymer & Aluminium Alloy

Package Includes: 1 x WE MK-H GBBR 1 x MK-H 30 Round Gas Magazine 1 x CQB Adaptor 1 x BB Speed Loader 1 x Product Manual Gas Efficiency: ~80-90 rounds per magazine in Semi mode using Top Gas (*individual results may vary)





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Weight6 kg

Black, Tan, Two Tone

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