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WE SA80 A2 GBBR Open Bolt System Airsoft Bull Pup Rifle

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The SA80 or L85 is a distinctive weapon with history, reputation and a great look, making it a British forces icon.


Over the years the L85 has had a few Airsoft replicas made but these have been few and far between, with the current tread of gas blowback rifles making a return, there has been no gas blowback L85

until WE produced there version. 

The WE-Tech replica has the larger charging handle that most people look for and same safety button (compared to the original) and uses the WE GBB M4 real cap magazines, firing around 330 fps+


Like many other newer GBB rifles the system uses a full bolt system with an open chamber for ultimate realism. So not only does it look and feel good but performs and shoots great.

The best feature in our opinion was the noise when fired. The kick the rifle gives is second to none.


A must have for any british renactor or airsofter.


Gun comes supplied as pictured below, accessories such as Daniel Deffennce RIS rail, optics, LLM etc. can be purchased seperatly from our store.


Item Weight – 4030g

Colour – Black

Length – 795mm 

Barrel Length – 440mm 

Blow Back – Yes GBBR

Hop-up – Adjustable 

Shooting Mode – Semi/Fully Automatic 

Magazine Capacity – 30 Rounds 

Bullet Type – Use only high quality 6mm BB 

FPS – Gas dependant






Additional information

Weight32 kg

Two Tone, Black

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