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WE M14 Wood Stock GBBR Airsoft Rifle

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Another stunning example from our friends at WE. A stunning M14 replica.

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A battle rifle used prolifically during the vietnam war and with variants still in service as a marksman rifle in some sections of the US armed forces. The M14 is a bulky weapon of the Battle Rifle class. a relic of an earlier age of warfare where long barrels and large calibers were a staple of small arms. Based off the venerated M1 Garand and chambered in 7.62 NATO feeding from a 20 round box magazine. the M14 utilized more modern materials on some components and featured full auto fire capability. although. firing full auto in such a caliber from a 20 round magazine is questionable at best. as the small magazine would not last long and the recoil would throw the shots wildly off target.

The first thing grabs your attention is how HEAVY this gun is. but in a good way!

The WE M14 may not have as much recoil as the real deal but rest assured. it is there. as the bolt slams back and fourth with each shot the gun gives a reassuring kick as the mechanism cycles to cock the hammer and load the next round into the chamber.

The Recoil is helped by the fact that this gun’s receiver is all metal making it weigh quite a bit along with the wood colored fiber resin stock.

While it may not have wooden furniture. the fiber resin block of a stock is without question extremely solid and weighty. yet exceedingly pleasant to the touch.

The heat shield surrounding the barrel for the length of the stock is formed ABS and colored precisely to match that era’s plastic heat shield. All in all. the aesthetics of the gun leave little to be desired as even the fake wooden stock is realistic in the way it is made of a more modern material for a more modern era.

Amazing kick and realistic ROF. A must have for any M14 fan.



















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