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Madbull Ultimate 3 in 1 Hop Up Chamber Unit wit LED Tracer Module for M4 M16- Just Cause Airsoft

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Madbull Ultimate 3 in 1 Hop Up Unit with LEDTracer Module. suitable for most M4 & M16 Rifles


Another practicalinnovation from MADBULL. this new metal hop-up unit / chamber has 3 functions in1!

1. LED Tracer Unit(Optional and Included)

2. Chamber Lock(Prevents BBs from falling out when you eject magazine)

3. Easy adjustmentusing new design dial for more stable hop-up


This set alsoincludes a free MADBULL blue 60 degree SHARK hop-up bucking rubber.

Note that thechamber lock function works via an O-ring in the BB feed tube that goes up tothe firing chamber.

The O-ring prevents BB’s from falling out of the gun whenyou pull the magazine out. which is normal in a Marui type gearbox.

If you findthis causes any problems for you. or you prefer that the 3-4 BB’s in the feedtube fall out of the

gun during reloads. you can simply remove this O-ring todisable the chamber lock function.


New hop-upadjustment dial stays in place and won’t shift from vibration during full-autofiring. giving you

more reliable and consistent hop-up than in traditional gunswith slide-type hop-up adjustment lever.

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