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Madbull AGX Launcher (Light Edition) – Just Cause Airsoft

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Madbull AXG Grenade Launcher (light edition)

Thisis a Light version of the original AGX from Madbull. It uses lighter materialsthat make this AGX Light Version 50% lighter than the original!

TheAGX is a pistol type of launcher. You can either use it as a pistol or mount iton your RIS. AGX’s design is based on the real AGC launcher but we make it onlyfire toy B.B. shower shell or foam rockets. Full metal barrel. trigger.selector and upper receiver (high quality T6-7075 Aluminium). Rest of partsmade with high impact rugged ABS plastic. Selector switch is very solidly builtwith tactile operating feel. Solid metal top rail secures this launcher tightlyonto your rifle. This is an extremely well built and solid launcher that feelsvery real. Very smooth operation makes it feel refined and more than just atoy. This launcher is slightly smaller diameter and only fits MADBULL BRAND37mm diameter MADBULL grenade shells only. Note that some of the early Madbullshells are 40mm and are too large to fit into this launcher. King Arms andMosquito 40mm shells will NOT fit. Compatible shells include:

-Madbull M576 Hi-Power Soft Rubber Training Shell

-Madbull XM995 Rocket Launcher Shell

-Madbull XM-108HP 108rd CO2 BB Shower Shell (Limited Edition)

-Madbull M781 42 rounds Powerful BB Shower (8mm)

-Madbull 4 Round PB4 CO2 Capable Paintball Shell (0.68 inch)

-Madbull M381 18 rounds Extreme Powerful BB Shower (6mm)

-Madbull M583A1 96 rounds BB Shower (6mm)

-Madbull XM204 CO2 Shell (6mm)

-Or any shells which diameter under 39mm


Disclaimer:This product is not manufactured by H&K and is manufactured by Madbull ofTaiwan. This product is a toy only and is not a real firearm.


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