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ARES M320 UGL Grenade Launcher Black & DE – Just Cause Airsoft

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Ares M320 Grenade Launcher

M320 Grenade LauncherModule (GLM) is a German made Grenade Launcher which is the US military’sdesignation for a new single-shot 40mm grenade launcher system to replace theM203 in US army. M320 was designed in 2008 based on the AG36 key features andadded with a foregrip and a detachable stock for using as a stand-alonelauncher. The M320 entered production in late 2008 and officially fielded in mid2009 by the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. A distinctivefeature of the M320 is the detachable buttstock. As long as it has a buttstockit is an autonomous weapon. After detaching it, you can use the top mountingclamp to attach is to a Picatinny rail and hang it under the barrel of anassault rifle


Metal and Nylon Fibre construction

Can be used as Stand-Alonemodel or attached to 20mm rail system

Press the tube releasebutton next to the trigger to load grenade shell

Comes with metal upperbody and grenade tube with “M320A1” and “Cal.40mm x 46LV”

Comes with nylon fibre lower body with 20mm Picatinny rail

Comes with nylon fibre foldable front grip

Comes with nylon fibre foldable leaf sight (can be installed on both sides)

Comes with metal removable4-Positions stock with rubber pad

Additional information

Weight4 kg


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