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ARES Amoeba Striker Series Spiral Fluted Outer Barrel – Just Cause Airsoft



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ARES AmoebaStriker S1 Spiral Fluted Outer Barrel Long or Short

To enrichthe whole shooting experience, Ares have introduced 3 types of Outer Barrel fortheir newly released Amoeba AS-01 ‘Striker’ sniper rifles. This particular versionis the Spiral Fluted Outer Barrel which adds a very stylish element to theStriker series. This outer barrel is shorter but it doesn’t reveal the tip ofthe inner barrel. At the end of the barrel is a 23mm CW thread for their mocksuppressor. You can also purchase their 14mm CCW thread adaptor if you preferalternative aftermarket parts.


Short = 310mm

Long = 550mm

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Weight0.002 kg


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